Is this you?

You want to save on costs

You value efficiency in your business processes.
You made an estimate of the working hours spent on the tasks that actually do not bring any business value.

You have existing spreadsheet(s) system

It has grown to the point where it has become too sluggish for everyday use. Every time you update something, something else breaks.

You feel there must be a better way

You frequently copy/paste data from external apps into your sheets. Too much manual work is involved in everyday operations.
You or your employees are bored of doing repetitive tasks all over again.

Why choose me?

Solution oriented

“Goran is a very experienced programmer. His understanding even of complicated context is excellent. He gave us a lot of new ideas and solutions. We also liked the communication with him, no misunderstandings, quick responses.”


“Goran completed the job and exceeded my expectations! Very happy with his work and the level of communication. I am very interested in working with him again.”


“I would eagerly give Goran 6 stars if possible. He is an expert among experts, one of the very best, and such a pleasure to do business with!”

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